Car Sightseeing Trips
in 7 countries
20 cities
from Kiwitaxi Tour
We launched a new service — сar tours
Kiwitaxi offers:
Car rental with a driver that meets client's needs
No waiting or crowds of tourists
An exciting way to experience the city
Sightseeing ride by car (without a guide)
Sightseeing tour with
a guide
(in progress)
(in progress)
(in progress)
Car rental with a driver
Daily tour, trip to the countryside
Personal driver for a business trip
Sightseeing tour by car from the airport
Our new products
Save your time on booking tour and searching for guide — we will take care of it
Provide more service and increase client retention
Get additional income (commission for booking is from 15 EUR/15USD)
What you get by booking a car tour from us
The convenient option for people who spend a long time waiting for their flight (5-12 hours)

During the layover or the transfer to another airport
After an early arrival, when check-in time at the hotel has not yet started
Before a late departure, when client has already checked out of the hotel
The service for people who value quality

VIP clients are provided with a premium car and a professional driver
We offer car rental with a knowledgeable driver
Kiwitaxi Tour advantages
The best way to spend time fun and interesting

Organize high-quality leisure time during a short stay in a new city
The tours for the whole family or large groups of people

The driver takes the client to the shopping center or place of recreation and then delivers back
1. All inclusive.
We organize the tour and provide our clients with a 24/7 support service. You earn commission and save your personal time. The clients plan their holiday in advance and avoid payment problems

2. Professional drivers.
We select drivers in several stages, have a rating system and regular quality control of orders.
The drivers have rating of 4.7+, speak Russian and English

3. Convenient flights.

When planning a tour for clients, you can solve their issues related to a long wait between flights,
an early arrival, or a late departure through our service

4. Quality service.

We provide comfort class cars, which have a capacity from 4 to 7 seats, are equipped with air conditioning, and are not older than 5 years

5. Additional income.
The travel agent's commission is from 10% of the order amount
Travel with us is convenient
Open your personal account Kiwitaxi, where you book transfers, and go to the "Book auto tour" section.
On the website page that opens, select the city and type of tour. On the tour page you can see the price.
Your commission will be displayed in the "Auto tour orders" section in your account.
How to book and get commission
Your commission will be 10% of the order amount. It will be displayed on the booking page in the checkout.
Alfira S.
I really liked the trip around the city from KiwiTaxi! During the day they contacted me and sent the contacts of the guide. The driver arrived exactly at the appointed time, pick me up from my location and took to the top places in Istanbul. I managed to learn everything about each visited place in detail: the guide really knew the city and its sights perfectly ???? I was pleased with the drinking water in the car. By the way, on the advice of a guide, we went to a cool bakery and I tried the local delicacy. At the end of the trip, they took me back. The English level of my guide was very good (which can not be said about other travel services company), it was a pleasure to listen to. I could choose the route at my discretion and extend the tour - very comfortable. KiwiTaxi - 10 out of 10.
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🚗 What does the booking process look like to the client
  1. The client choose the time, date, and pick-up place, as well as the duration of the tour and car rental
  2. After booking, we will begin selecting the driver. When the driver is found, we will notify the client by email
  3. The driver contacts the client a day before the tour to clarify the details of the route and pick-up point
  4. The driver pick up the client, and then the client enjoy the tour
👨 What kind of clients would it suit
People waiting for a plane

We help to relax and have fun on a car tour during the layover, as well as after an early arrival, or before a late departure

Families with children

The whole family can explore the city in a comfortable way. We can provide clients with a child seat, a booster, or an infant seat


People who count every minute has the opportunity to get the most out of the city with a professional driver and a premium car

Inexperienced travelers

We make first visit to the city convenient and memorable, and the clients can organize a great vacation for their relatives and loved ones