Kiwitaxi service during coronavirus

How we make the service more convenient for you and safer for tourists during a pandemic. The material is being updated.
For tourists, an individual transfer is safer than a trip on public transport or a tour operator 's shuttle. With Kiwitaxi, your clients travel in a clean car and do not contact unfamiliar passengers.

Now we are taking additional measures for trip safety and to strengthen our work with travel agents.
Cars disinfection
To make tourists feel calm and comfortable, the driver thoroughly cleans the car after every trip, and once a day the cars undergo a complete disinfection.
There are antiseptic wipes and gels in the car.
These measures have already been taken in 27 countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Finland, Belarus, Iran, UAE, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea.
Price reduction on transfers
Everyday we publish news about destinations where prices for transfers are reduced. You can find this information in the travel agent's account.
The material will be updated, stay tuned.
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