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Meet those who are developing our affiliate program and make your work more comfortable
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Each month we send you up to three emails, release a blog article, call up and correspond personally. We communicate a lot and tell you about transfers. We know you, but we have never talked about the ones who stand on the other side of the affiliate program.

Read and meet everyone who is on board!
Back to 2016
The program works with referral links
We noticed a large flow of orders from several partners. The partners turned out to be travel agencies
We developed and launched a special booking service for travel agents
summer 2016
The affiliate program for travel agents was launched in June 2016. It started with 150 agencies, Eldar K. and a three-person department. Aidar G. and the general support of the company were responsible for communication and assistance for travel agents.
After a year, support team faced a problem — there were too many questions about the specifics of working with the affiliate program, the creation and fulfillment of orders. The team lacked information, so it was difficult to help travel agents. All these tasks were taken up by Evgen O., and he began to oversee work with travel agencies.
Evgen is on the left
We made the affiliate program available for travel agents in many other countries
We worked on logistics and significantly improved the quality of order fulfillment
The affiliate network has grown to 10 thousand agents from 110 countries
Irene A. joined the program in 2017. She began to expand the affiliate network through Internet channels. In the same year, we  started to work with agencies internationally.
Aidar and Irene on ATM DUBAI 2019
An important event of 2018 was the total shake-up of the control system for orders and the choice of drivers. The internal logistics processes have changed, and the quality of service has skyrocketed. Now for 1000 orders there is only one case when something goes wrong. Percentage of perfectly completed bookings rose to 99,8%.

In 2019, office staff doubled. More ideas came up, more work and plans we have about the travel community.
The B2B team
Now we are 21. Intelligent specialists continue to join us in order to generate and implement ideas for the development of the program.
Head of B2B
At the helm from the beginning
Account Management (Travel Agencies)
Account Manager
Senior Account Manager
Head of B2B Marketing
Head of Sales & Account Group
Internet Marketer
Junior Internet Marketer
Commercial Writer
Sales and Account Management
Development and Analytics
These are the people with whom you communicate most often. They answer questions, help sort out the orders and arrange everything.
They are full of work to promote the affiliate network, launch promotions and create training materials.
B2B has several partnership formats. The affiliate program for travel agents is a big, but not the only part. We cooperate with online points of sale for which are responsible:
One of the tasks of this team is to create solutions for a quick booking process without issues. The department is responsible for the development of the whole booking platform and implements features to make it easier for you to work in the system.
Senior Account Manager (API Distribution)
Account Manager (API Distribution)
Account Manager (API Distribution)
Affiliate Program and CPA Net Account Manager
Account Manager
«ack-end Developer
QA Engineer
Front-end Developer
Product Manager
Front-end Developer
Back-end Developer
Junior QA Engineer
System Analyst
Junior Account Manager
The office
Most of us are in the office on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm (Vilnius time, EET; UTC+02:00).
If you want to contact one of us, send a message on agency@kiwitaxi.com or call +44 20 3769 5446.
Business trips
Since the beginning of 2019, we have traveled to 18 cities, including the cities in the UAE, Turkey, and Greece. We've already attended 7 conferences, and there are 8 more meetings ahead.
When we talk about the quality of the service at presentations and meetings, it's not for the sake of a beautiful word. The whole process from finding a transfer to dropping tourists off at the hotel is refined to the smallest detail. And behind each upgrade is a ton of work, nerves and complex decisions. Because:
We are responsible for your reputation in the eyes of your tourists.
When the work day ends
We're a strong team not just at work, but out of the office as well. We have fun going outside together, participating in different sport quests and quizzes. Many of us travel a lot and love hiking.
Now that you know a little more about us, feel free to get to know us at conferences and meetings. We like talking to you and answering questions about the program and transfers.
Become our partner and get 10–15% of commission from each completed order. Follow our blog to find out how to sell more transfers.
Sign up for the affiliate program for travel agents
Sell transfers and earn half the Kiwitaxi income from an order
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