Video tutorial on how to use a travel agent’s personal account
We’ve created some short videos to help you understand how a travel agent’s personal account works and book a transfer for your tourist properly in a couple of minutes.
Who this is for
  • For those who have recently become a Kiwitaxi partner and want to make their first booking properly.
  • For those who have already booked transfers but still have difficulties using their personal account.
What to watch
Lesson 1: Book transfer
Step by step, we choose a transfer and fill out client’s information taking into account extra services and other nuances.
Lesson 2: Payment
Here, we tell about payment methods: what full and partial payments on the website are, which method to choose and when to make a payment. We tell about the key things you should know about an itinerary receipt and a voucher.
Lesson 3: Balance
In this video, we show everything you need to know about the 'Balance' tab: receiving a commission and its status.
Lesson 4: Company details
Here, we explain where and which information you should fill out first in order to avoid problems with making bookings and receiving payouts.
Lesson 5: Orders
Learn where to track the status and details of an order and how to change or cancel it if needed.
We recommend watching all these videos in order not to miss something important. If you still have any questions about using your personal account, write them in the comments below or send them at
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