This is an opportunity for travel agencies to receive a discount on a transfer in the amount of their agency fee if they refuse it
Partner companies of KiwiTaxi can choose the most advantageous option for them:
to receive rewards for every transfer orderor or
to receive a discount in the amount of reward for a transfer
Agent reward is a sum in the settlement currency that a travel agent receives after the completion of bookings created by them.
You can manage the payment settings in your personal account.
Kiwitaxi commission is an amount in prepaid/postpaid currency that Kiwitaxi receives after an order is completed.
We offer our partners with the Net Rate a discount to reduce the cost of transfers as much as possible. Choose what is most beneficial for you:
For most travel agents, selling transfers does not generate significant income. For them, it is more important to provide clients with a high-quality service, including an individual transfer instead of a group one. Therefore, they strive to make the price of a private transfer as affordable as possible.
Gross rate — with transfer rewards on the account's balance.
Net rate — with a discount in the amount of the agency fee.
Why do we offer Net Rate to our partners?
Let's take a look at our offer in more detail:
Gross Rate: a full cost of a transfer is indicated in your account, including the agent's commission. You pay for the transfer in full, after which a reward for the order is credited to your balance. The amount of these rewards is gradually accumulated.
When switching to the net rate, a cost of the transfer decreases — the amount of the agent's remuneration is immediately deducted from it. For instance, a transfer costs 100 dollars, but when you book it, you pay 88 dollars. The commission for the order is no longer accumulated on the balance, and you receive 12 dollars directly from clients.
The size of the commission and the amount payable can be hidden/displayed using a key combination Shift + R.
How does it work?
Benefits of the Net Rate:
You pay for orders without the amount of the commission, so the price is reduced;
You do not accumulate a commission on the balance, but receive it directly from tourists;
You don’t have to reach a required amount to receive your commission on your bank card.
You benefit immediately after placing an order without waiting for monthly payments;
How to switch to the Net Rate?
If the agent switched to another rate by mistake or just changed their mind after a while, the reverse transition can be carried out by a Kiwitaxi manager upon the agent's request.
New Kiwitaxi partners always have the Net Rate by default.
You can choose rates by clicking “Profile" in the left field in their account.
Then, click “Company”, where “Manager”, “Company”, “Voucher” are displayed. There will be an Edit Button at the end of the page.
Travel agents can choose a rate in their personal account. Working simultaneously with two rates is impossible.
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Sell transfers and earn half the Kiwitaxi income from an order
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