How to sell a transfer to a family with a child

Flight is a huge stress for a child. None of the dozens of articles on how to entertain the baby on the plane guarantees success. At the exit from the airport, most of the travelers with children are exhausted and aim only at one thing: get to the hotel as quickly as possible.

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How to sell a transfer to a family with a child
Travel by group transfer and public transport takes long. The first one waits for the very last passenger, and the second one follows the route. The needs of a particular family with a baby will not be taken into account.

An individual transfer, on the contrary, allows:
  • to timely provide the baby with sleep and nutrition,
  • to get to the hotel 2–2.5 times faster,
  • to avoid bickering with neighbors when the baby gets tired, naughty or starts crying - transfer drivers are considerate to little travelers,
  • to travel in comfort, impossible on a group shuttle arranged by a tour operator or public transport.

Individual transfer can be offered to any family with a child, especially in the following situations:
  • the family is worried that the baby won't physically endure the journey: it may get carsick, or it may be too stuffy in the transport;
  • the child is very active, and the parents worry that it will misbehave;
  • it is important for parents to get to the hotel as soon as possible not to disturb the infant's sleep and nutrition cycles;
  • for parents, this is the first trip with a child, and they are afraid of everything.

It is often not even necessary to persuade them into buying a transfer, as the goal of the parents is the same as yours - to quickly and comfortably reach the destination.
The advantages of individual transfer for travel agents
What is good for you, the family often needs a higher class transfer. If there are two children, tourists will definitely not fit in a regular sedan. Two seats and a passenger is too much for the back seat of an economy class car. In Kiwitaxi, in such situations, we recommend to order a comfort class. If a family also has a stroller, bicycle or other bulky luggage, only a minivan can handle it.

Besides, when a a tourist travel with a child, it always means an order with an additional service.

And finally, we always pay attention to a child seat. Even if the country's legislation allows driving without a holding device, explain the customer that it is necessary.

Studies have clearly shown that a child can get injured even in a minor accident. A full-fledged fixation of a kid in a child seat designed for relevant age and properly installed in the car, reduces risks for babies by 80%.

Tell the tourists that the safety of the child is questionable:
  • in the group transfer provided by the tour operator, since the belts on the bus are designed only for adult passengers.
  • on public transport, where either there are no belts at all, or they are broken or hidden by seat covers.
  • in a taxi, where child seats are not always suitable for age and weight, and the child will be left without options. This means that it will not be fixed properly and, as a result of an accident, may simply slip out of the belts.

In Kiwitaxi, you can choose a holding device from an infant seat to a booster for an older child.

Kiwitaxi provides other relevant services for children's transfer:
  1. Drinking water. During the flight, the human body is severely dehydrated, and kids lose fluid even faster. The water in the car will be very handy, especially if tourists go to hot countries.
  2. An extra hour of waiting. Parents can avoid worries and calmly clear the passport control upon arrival.
  3. A stop on the way. If the trip is going to take long, you can always stop by at the cafe on the way. Children can have a snack and have a rest.
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