Cheat sheet for travel agents: selling ski transfers

Do you sell ski tours? Don't forget to offer your tourists an individual transfer. Follow our algorithm to quickly identify your customer's needs and select the best transport.
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Cheat sheet for travel agents:
selling ski transfers
    1. If a tourist agrees to buy a ski transfer, your task is to choose a suitable vehicle and offer additional services (for example, a box for ski equipment).
        2. If a tourist does not consider an individual transfer necessary, ask your client about the details of their trip. During the conversation, they may realize the convenience of an individual transfer.
            Helpful tips:

            • Make sure to find out if your client travels with ski or snowboard equipment. A special box for sports equipment is included in the list of additional services. If your tourist travels with equipment and you don't include it in the order, the driver may refuse to perform the transfer.
            • Ask about the baggage dimensions. Perhaps, four passengers with ski equipment will not fit with comfort even in the minivan.
            • Don't be afraid to offer a premium transfer, if the tourist goes to a prestigious ski resort.

            Selling a premium class transfer or a minibus is also profitable. For each completed transfer, you will receive a 10–15% commission. All you need to do is to become a member of our affiliate program!
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