How the season affects transfer sales?

If you know the seasonal specifics of selling transfers, you can timely get prepared for the sales decline or, conversely, high demand.
Let's study the features of the transfer sale typical of each season. First of all, we must say that Paris is in demand all year round. It is only in the winter when its popularity declines slightly. So always keep this holiday destination in mind.
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How the season affects transfer sales?
Of course, summer is the main holiday time of the year. Both beach and sightseeing tours are in favor. In addition, a lot of off-site and large-scale events (festivals, concerts, conferences) take place at this time. All this requires transportation of a huge number of people and can potentially bring greater profits.
The most popular region in the summer is Antalya (the average Kiwitaxi commission in the region is 6 euros).

CONCLUSION: pay maximum attention to Turkey.
In the autumn, Antalya still keeps its popularity. However, the season in Turkey closes in October, which is just the beginning for the resorts of Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and the UAE. Recommend your tourists to consider these regions. Besides, transfers to these countries are expensive, and therefore you will earn more. The most popular region is Phuket. Six euros is the average commission of Kiwitaxi for each order in this city as well as Bangkok, Dubai, and Pattaya.

CONCLUSION: focus on tropical resorts to compensate for the season closing in popular Turkey.
The most popular destination is Dubai. In winter, the heat here decreases and the weather becomes mild and warm. Therefore, at this time tourists often come here with children and elderly people. In addition, prices for accommodation in hotels are lower. Ski season also begins here in November. Minibuses (for large companies and bulky equipment) and premium cars (skiing is indeed not a cheap leisure activity) will be in great demand in this region. Read about the features of the ski transfer sale here.

CONCLUSION: although this region brings the minimum number of orders during the year, you can compensate for the decline by selling ski transfers and cheap trips to the UAE.
In March, Dubai still holds its positions, but from April on, the weather in hot countries becomes increasingly uncomfortable for the rest (high humidity and temperature of the air and water). In Turkey, it is, however, still too early to swim.

You can compensate for the low travel demand by actively promoting spring tours to Europe. Spring is a great time for sightseeing and excursions. There are few tourists, which means there are no long lines at museums. It will be priceless to see Mona Lisa from the first row. Prices on accommodation and flights are significantly reduced, and there are still sales in many cities in March.

The most popular city among European destinations is Paris. The average Kiwitaxi commission in this region in spring will be 7 euro.

In European countries, transfer often costs not more than a taxi, and sometimes it is even cheaper. In addition, many public transport routes that are popular during high season are closed during the off-season. It is much easier to talk your client into ordering a transfer in such a situation.

CONCLUSION: tell tourists about the advantages of visiting Europe in spring and earn more during the sales downturn.
Preparing for the season will allow you to receive a steady income throughout the year. With Kiwitaxi, you will get a 50% commission from each transfer sold.
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