Personal Driver for a Business Trip
What are the features of this premium service? How can it be useful for you?
What kinds of clients will definitely need a personal driver and how to book correctly?
All these questions answered below.
The service "Personal driver for a business trip" is a premium and much more comfortable service compared to a regular transfer.

A professional driver will be at your client's disposal for as long as required and will take them along a flexible route.

Such an exclusive is suitable for busy people, for example, business travelers.
We appreciate that you trust us with VIP clients!
Kiwitaxi will provide them with a business class car and an experienced personal driver to make the trip as productive and enjoyable as possible
Features of the service
"Personal driver for a business trip"
The minimum order period is 48 hours before the date of the trip.
Duration of the trip is 3 hours minimum,
the maximum is 12.
Free cancellation or change of the order 24 hours before the start.
No route restrictions. Customers will be able to freely go about their business around the city and beyond, stopping anywhere and for as long as they like.
The driver can let customers work along the way in their laptop or tell them about places worth visiting to make the trip the most productive and memorable.
You can discuss each order with our manager and choose various additional services. We can provide your guest with flowers, champagne, snack box, etc.
We will select a driver with a rating of 4.8 or more and more than 5 years of experience, trained in business class driver standards. What's more, you can choose the language the driver speaks.
New business class cars. We vouch for the quality: cars are in operation for less than 3 years.
When a business trip comes in handy
Popular examples where this service is particularly appropriate:
Weddings and celebrations abroad (a luxury car is ideal for traveling around the city during holiday photo shoots).
Business trips, conferences, meetings. The client is on time everywhere and the driver is waiting for them.
If your VIP client is used to having a personal driver or simply does not have a driver's license.
The need to meet a very important guest. We will do our best to make them happy!
Long wait for the flight, connecting flight or a layover.
Hint: A business trip with personal driver is a great opportunity to apply the cross-selling technique! It will allow you to interest the client, please them with a wide range of high-level premium services, and also increase your profits.
Where you can order a business trip
with a personal driver
It is possible to book business trips in the cities listed below.
The list will grow though!
Abu Dhabi, Dubai (UAE);
Antalya, Istanbul (Turkey);
Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Tenerife (Spain);
Paris (France).
Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt);
Milan, Rome (Italy);
How to book a car with a driver
This is not difficult. You need to go to your personal account →"Book auto tour"
You can select the desired destination in the top line of the screen:
If there are children among the guests, each is also counted as a separate passenger! Don't forget to include them.
The last step is to enter the details of the order, select additional services (please, contact us if you need something special and personalized), and share with us the contact information for sending the voucher.
Then choose the service "Personal driver for a business trip". On the page that opens, read the details and fill out a short checkout form. Choose the date and duration of the trip, the number of passengers, and the meeting point with the driver. Then, click "Booking".
Important: When calculating, we indicate the net cost. You can set any commission for the service yourself. In this case, the commission is not charged and is not displayed in the personal account.
How to pay for the service
Ordering advice
You can pay for the business trip on the website with a Visa or Mastercard in full or partially (customers can pay the rest in cash to the driver).
Book business trips in advance, so that we can find the perfect option for your clients!
The option to receive commission is available only for travel agents and corporate clients who signed up for our partnership program. Become one of our 14 000+ partners, delight your customers, and earn more bonuses from your clients' impeccable travels.
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