Car rental with driver: an exclusive for your tourists
What are the features and advantages of our rental service for you and your customers?
How to book correctly and which regions are available?
Let's find out!
NEW! You can make a car rental order and pay immediately in your personal account! From now on, you do not have to wait until we confirm your booking with a carrier.
Car rental with driver is more personalized and comfortable than transfers. It satisfies almost any desire of tourists and allows them to build flexible routes. Passengers themselves choose where to go and where to stop (shops, attractions, cafes, etc.).
What should you know about car rental
There is a minimum rental period at some destinations.
No route restrictions. Unlike transfers that take tourists strictly from point A to point B, with a rented car your customers move freely around and beyond the city, make stops wherever and as much as they wish.
The driver can turn a ride into a mini-excursion and tell passengers about interesting places (and even drive to them!). If your tourists are also interested in a long fully-organized excursion with a professional guide, we recommend you to read about such a service here.
Each order can be customized with the help of our manager. We can arrange even those services that are not included in the list you see while booking transfers. Everything made individually for each client!
Important: Book a car rental with driver in advance, so that we can select the best option for your tourists and organize an impeccable trip for them. A few days before the rental date would be perfect! The minimum order time is 48 hours before the start of the trip.
Who may need our car rental service?
Weddings, celebrations and other events (perfect for trips around cities and holiday photo shoots).
Business trips, and conferences.
Shopping tours, food tours.
A layover or other situations where one has to wait for their flight. If tourists don't want to spend many excruciating hours of waiting at the airport, offer them to drive around the city for a couple of hours and return to the airport on time!
Tourists do not have driver's licenses. If your clients express a desire to see the area in a short time, but they do not have the opportunity to rent a car, then offer them a rental with driver!
Late check-in or early check-out from a hotel. Someone in such cases chooses to wait in the hotel lobby or goes to the airport in advance. But why waste time waiting, when you can spend it on an interesting ride?
Tourists have a lot of luggage, which is why they're planning to spend time waiting with it at the airport or train station. If you order a rental for them, they will be able to gain complete freedom of movement, while the luggage is in the safe hands of our driver, in the trunk.
When is a car rental with a driver necessary to make tourists' travel as comfortable as possible?
Where to order a car rental with driver
You can order a car rental in all regions where we provide transfers. And even if there are no transfers in the desired direction, the rental may be still available! Kiwitaxi account manager will check and tell you for sure. You can contact them in any convenient way from those offered in your personal account.
Abu Dhabi, Dubai (UAE);
Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife (Spain);
Athens (Greece);
Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt);
Milan, Rome (Italy);
Antalya, Istanbul (Turkey);
Paris (France).
More destinations are available in your personal account. But before we get there, let's talk about how to book a rental correctly (see below).
Here are the leaders among those places, where people book a car rental at the moment:
How to rent a car with driver
Another way is to go to your personal account for booking car rentals, excursions and other services →"Book auto tour"
Then choose a service that tourists would like to have and click on it.
If there are children among the tourists, each is also considered as a separate independent passenger! They must be taken into account.
The last step is to enter other details of the order, select additional services and share with us the contact information, so we can send you the voucher.
On the page that opens, you can read more about the service and will need to fill out a short order form. Specify the date and rental period, the number of passengers, a desired car class and meeting point with the driver.
There are even two options now!
The first one hasn't changed much. To get started, you need to go to your personal account and click on the "Car rental with driver" in the menu on the left.
After that, you need to fill in the fields with the necessary information — and the rental order is created!

There you need to select the desired destination in the top of the screen:

Note: When calculating the cost, we specify the net price. You should set a total price for your client be adding any extra commission for the service you like. In this case, the commission within the Kiwitaxi affiliate program is not displayed in your account.
How to pay for the car rental service
You can pay the rent on the website with a card (Visa/Mastercard) fully or partially (the rest is paid on the spot to the driver). If tourists wish to prolong the service, they will be able to pay extra on their own.
Kiwitaxi car rental service in all the regions is available only for travel agents and corporate clients who signed up for our partnership program. Become one of our 14 000+ partners, delight your tourists, and earn more bonuses from customers' impeccable travels.
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