How to sell additional services to your clients

A private transfer is more comfortable than any other means of public transportation. However, there are still cases when tourists need additional services. Learn which services you can offer and this is appropriate to do so.
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    In order to improve the quality of a trip, transfer booking companies offer additional services to their clients. As a rule, at an additional cost.

    Each company has their own set of extra services. As for Kiwitaxi, the company offers: child seats, travel SIM cards, drinking water, an additional hour of waiting, a detoured stop, an English-speaking driver, a roof box for ski equipment, and transportation of ski equipment.

    Below, we'll tell you about the benefits of Kiwitaxi additional services for tourists and which things you should focus on in order to sell these services.
      Benefits of additional services
        Child seat
        This service is displayed among other extra services. First of all, remember to count children as passengers while specifying the number in this field:
              Remeber: if your clients are traveling with a child and don't want to book a child car seat, a driver has the right to refuse a trip and tourists may lose their money. This is one of the reasons why your clients need to order a child seat.

              Read our previous blog post and learn some arguments for booking a child car seat. They will help you explain the need of it to your tourists.

              Here are the available options:
                    Prepaid SIM cards
                    Roaming charges are often unreasonably expensive, while finding free Wi-Fi when traveling is not that easy. Buying a SIM card helps avoid these problems. It's cheaper to access the Internet abroad using it. And for many people, it's enough — there are messengers, social media, and access to online maps.

                    With Kiwitaxi, your clients don't need to find out where to buy a SIM card on the spot. Yes, there are sales points at any airport, but their prices are usually much higher than those offered by city stores. Besides, it may be difficult for a tourist to understand tariff terms and conditions if they don't speak the local language.

                    When a tourist buys a SIM card in advance, they can be calm and know for sure that they will stay connected from the very first day of the vacation. Tourists get their SIM cards when they meet their driver.

                    You can offer this service to all your clients who book a transfer abroad.

                    Drinking water
                    This service is especially important to those who are going to hot countries. Offer water to clients with small children, elderly tourists, people who tend to feel unwell when traveling (for instance, those who suffer from motion sickness or are afraid of flying), and those who book a Premium class transfer.

                    A tourist can buy a 0.5 L bottle of non-carbonated water — one or a few bottles. Each bottle is charged extra.

                    Extra hour of waiting
                    A transfer already includes 1,5 hours of waiting. However, clients may need additional time to prepare for a trip. For instance, families may need to wash their babies and change their diapers after the flight, while tourists with items to declare need to pass through Customs.

                    If you book this service, a driver will wait for your tourist for 2,5 hours after the arrival time specified in the voucher. The unused hour cannot be refunded.

                    Stop on the way
                    If travelers need to make an urgent stop on the route for several minutes, a driver will do that for free. However, if a tourist plans to have a meal in a specific place, make a detour to a shop or somewhere else, offer them to pay for this stop in advance.

                    When booking a transfer, specify the address of the stop. It can be made within 10 km away from the planned route. The total time for a detour and a stop is up to 30 minutes.

                    This service will suit families with children, elderly tourists, and travelers who are prone to motion sickness.

                    English-speaking driver
                    Tourists think that drivers at popular international resorts speak English and thus they don't need to book this service. But that's not true. If it's important for your client to have a driver who understands English, offer them this service.

                    The service means a driver has basic knowledge of English. He/she will understand if a tourist asks them to make a stop and other simple comments concerning a trip.

                    Transportation of ski equipment
                    When selling a transfer to a ski resort, ask your clients if they have any ski equipment. If you forget to specify this, a driver may refuse to perform the trip.

                    Ski equipment is transported in a trunk. The maximum baggage capacity depends on the transfer class. For instance, an Economy class car accommodates 2 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards, while a minibus for 19 passengers — 9 pairs of skis or 9 snowboards.

                    Box for ski equipment
                    A tourist may carry 2 pairs of skis or 1 snowboard in a separate box fixed to a car roof. This service is not available at all resorts.
                        Note: if your client is going to take some ski or snowboard equipment, please specify which type of equipment they're taking in the booking commentary field, the number of its units and its length. Transportation of equipment and a box for it are automatically added to a return transfer.
                        Prices for services and your commission
                          Prices for additional services depend on the region and are displayed in your personal account when you make a booking.

                          Selling these services, Kiwitaxi partners earn 50% of our commission (in addition to gaining a commission for a transfer).
                              How to book additional services
                                A list of available services and the opportunity to select them are displayed in your personal account while you're making a booking — you'll see them below the tourist's contact information.
                                    Kiwitaxi additional services are not available in all regions.
                                    The service of free booking cancellation at any time
                                    With Kiwitaxi, you can cancel your booking at any time and receive the full cost of the transfer back.

                                    How does it work?

                                    1. You pay an extra sum of 3-4% of the transfer's cost.
                                    2. If something happens, you can cancel the transfer at any time (the tourist was late, or refused from the trip, etc.).
                                    3. We refund 100% of the transfer cost.
                                    4. We keep only the insurance sum.

                                    For example, you pay for an economy class transfer from Antalya airport to the city center 28 euros*. The insurance costs just 1 euro*. In total, you should pay 29 euros.
                                    *Prices are valid for 21.October, 2019
                                    Without insurance (if you cancel the order later than the allowed time):
                                    you lose — 28 euros.
                                    you get back — 0 euros.

                                    With insurance:
                                    you lose — 1 euro.
                                    you get back — 28 euros.
                                    To sum up
                                    • Tell a tourist about the services available on a route chosen. Tourists don't often think that some components of a trip may be charged extra — for instance, an English-speaking driver or transportation of ski equipment. It's a common opinion that all this is already provided. Also, tourists may not realize how much easier and more convenient it is to buy some things at the moment with you (for instance, a SIM card or water).

                                    • Tell your client about the benefits of specific services. Don't insist on it. If a tourist refuses them, continue making a booking as they wish.

                                    • Child seats and transportation of ski equipment are compulsory additional services in case tourists are traveling with children or taking their own ski equipment. Otherwise, a driver has the right to refuse to take the passengers.

                                    • Most often, extra services are relevant to travelers with children, elderly tourists, people who tend to feel unwell while traveling, and those who reserve a Premium class transfer.

                                    • Insure yourself and your tourists from losing the money in case you need to cancel the booking right before their trips. The extra sum you pay is insignificant, but you will always receive a full refund of the booking's cost.
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