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You'll find out when your tourists are ready to book more expensive transfers and what sales techniques you should take into account.
3 reasons to sell
a roundtrip transfer
How to sell a transfer
for a package tour?

How to sell a comfort class transfer instead of an economy one
The standard package tour always includes not only flights and a hotel, but also a group transfer from a tour operator. It may seem that the transport problem is solved and it is impossible to convince the client to buy a transfer extra...
Clear step-by-step instructions for placing an order. Download and use at work.
Travel agent's checklist: making an order
Video tutorial on how
to use a travel agent's personal account

How to change or cancel a transfer booking
We've created some short videos to help you understand how a travel agent's personal account works and book a transfer for your tourist.
Working with your clients, you may always face some unforeseen situations: your tourists may refuse a trip, their flight arrival or departure time may change, they may need some other car class or some additional service.
Do you sell ski tours? Don't forget to offer your tourists an individual transfer. Follow our algorithm schemes to quickly identify your customer's needs and select the best transport.
According to our statistics, transfers to family trips are the most popular among tourists...
Cheat sheet for travel agents: selling ski transfers
The transfer is the best solution for a business trip. If you've already convinced your client of this, use this cheat sheet to quickly find the right transport.
Cheat sheet for travel agents:
selling transfers to families with children

Cheat sheet for travel agents: selling the business transfer
Just yesterday, you received several positive tourists' reviews at once, but today, something went wrong. A transfer failed, a flight was delayed, or a hotel refused to let your clients check in. So the tourists are at least disappointed, and the first person to blame in is you.
How to calm an angry client
Selling transfers without pressing
Reputation is the most important thing in the travel industry. Therefore, it is important to sell, not to impose a transfer. To reach your goals, follow these principles...
Find out what questions and actions of your tourists confirm that they will likely book a transfer.
How to understand that a tourist is ready to book a transfer?
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