How travel agents can receive their commission

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Affiliate programs for travel agents are a popular and relatively simple way to have additional income. Usually, those travel agents who have just joined a program are interested in the amount of remuneration and payout methods.

As for Kiwitaxi, we offer two ways of receiving your commission:
  • If you pay for your clients' transfers by card, you can choose to have your commission paid to the card, too.
  • Alternatively, we can transfer the commission through the payment systems such as Skrill or Okpay.
The first option when the commission is paid to the card has one small drawback - the remitting bank holds 2% of the funds transferred to you.

Payouts in Kiwitaxi are made once a month, and the minimum amount to be paid out is 50 euro/dollars. Such a sum can be accumulated approximately for 7 orders. Join Kiwitaxi's affiliate program!
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