What a travel agent should know about business transfers

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What a travel agent should know about business transfer
Business tourism includes a variety of activities:
  • business trips,
  • exhibitions, fairs, and conferences,
  • incentive trips for employees (team building+travel, corporate outings, and so on).
They make a huge share of the tourist market, and transfer is an important part of it.
Business transfer has a number of peculiarities:
It brings a good profit
  1. A business trip is not an all-inclusive service. All services shall be selected separately, and the client understands that it may be expensive.
  2. A customer can be part of a business delegation or receive such a delegation. In any case, you need a representative transport - premium cars or minibuses.
  3. Nobody goes on a business trip alone, not to mention corporate travel which usually involves a group of at least 50 tourists. This is the reason why minibuses are often booked for business trips.
  4. About 40% of business travel in the world falls on Europe. The travel agent's commission there is much higher. For example, the average Kiwitaxi travel agent's commission for a single booking in Nice is 13 euro.
It doesn't depend on a season
As in the case with the ski resorts, business transfer is mainly presented by minibuses and premium class cars. The only difference is that business tourism does not depend on the season. Exhibitions, conferences, and business meetings take place all year round, and incentive tours are now booked in any part of the world.
It requires big responsibility
Business trips are always limited in time, and you as a travel agent must provide a flawless organization. The transfer will be the best solution for you because it:

  1. Arrives on time. Your tourists will not be late for important negotiations. If the client receives business guests, they will not have to wait for a transfer, unlike a taxi.
  2. Can be ordered for a convenient time. This is especially relevant for trips of ordinary employees since they will not have to adjust to the public transport schedule. Otherwise, the employee can arrive at the place later, which is unacceptable, or earlier, which means that the company will pay for "extra" time, e.g. in the hotel room. The transfer allows to rationally plan the travel time and budget

In addition, the Kiwitaxi transfer has the following benefits:

  1. Both drivers and clients have a voucher in which all the details of the trip, including the exact meeting point at the airport, are clearly stated. So, it is impossible to lose the driver.
  2. Business meetings can be postponed to another date or extended for a couple of days. In Kiwitaxi, you can cancel an order without losing money one day before departure. If it is economy/comfort class or a minibus for 7 passengers, you can do it 5 hours before.
  3. You will receive a 10–15% commission for each booking. To do this, become a member of our affiliate program!
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