Renting a car with a driver: how to order

Check what are the main advantages of car rental with a driver for tourists and how to order for them this service.
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Renting a car with a driver is a more personalized and comfortable service compared to a transfer. It satisfies almost any request of tourists and offers much more flexible routes.
What should you know about car rental
  • In some destinations, there is a minimum rental period for a car with a driver.

  • There are no restrictions about the route. Unlike the transfer, which takes tourists from the airport to the hotel and back, your clients travel around the city and beyond with a rented car. They stop anywhere and anytime.

  • The driver can give a mini-tour and tell about places worth visiting. For an additional fee, a professional guide will accompany your tourists.

  • You discuss each order with an account manager and you can even choose some services that are not included in the list of additional ones when booking transfers.
What cases are especially good for renting a car
Offer your clients to rent a car with a driver for:

  • Weddings and celebrations abroad (ideal for trips around the city during the photo shoot).
  • Business trips, conferences, meeting partners.
  • Shopping tours.
  • Connecting flight. If tourists need to wait many hours between connecting flights, offer them to have a short trip through the city and return to the airport at the right time.
Where it's available
You can order a car with a driver in all regions where there are Kiwitaxi transfers. And even if there are no transfers in the needed direction, rental service may be available for order. Contact the Kiwitaxi account manager to know for sure if the service is available on the chosen route.

Here's the top of cities where Kiwitaxi car rental is popular:

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Munich
  • Amsterdam
  • Dubai
How to rent a car with a driver for your tourist
1. Fill out an application for car rental in your travel agent's personal account.
To do this, click on the arrow next to the profile name and select 'Car rental with driver' in the drop-down list. Another way to send a request — write to or call +44 20 3769 5446.

2. Specify the meeting point with a driver, date and time of rental, the car class, additional services, and the number of tourists. If your tourists travel with a kid, specify the kid's age.

3. Then we choose the suitable rental option and send you the cost calculation.
Note: When calculating, we specify the net price. You set a total price for your client, adding any extra commission for the service. In this case, the commission within the Kiwitaxi affiliate program is not charged and is not displayed in your account.
How to pay for the rent
You can pay with the checking account or Mastercard/Visa. Also your tourists can pay with cash to the driver.

If tourists have traveled longer than the paid time, they can pay the driver on their own.
Recommendations for making an order
  • We work on your requests on weekdays from 9 am till 6 pm (+3 GMT). If your clients need a rental on a weekend, we recommend ordering a car rental at the beginning of the week.

  • Book a car rental in advance so that we choose the best option for your tourists. The best time for a request is a few days before the rental date.
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