The advantages of renting a car with a driver

Car rental with a driver improves your chances to solve customers' problems during the trip. However, this service has enough alternatives: transfer, taxi, and car rental without a driver. Your task is to tell your tourists in which situations a car with a personal driver will be more suitable.

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The advantages of renting a car with a driver
Car rental with a driver VS Transfer
  1. A journey along a complex route with stops in several cities. The transfer goes only from point A to point B.
  2. An individual tour around the city. A guide should be hired separately.
  3. A big event abroad, such as a wedding. Renting a car will allow the bride and groom to travel around all the places in the city planned for the photo shoot and then get to the restaurant.

Car rental with a driver VS Taxi
  1. Business trips. It is more convenient for a busy person to rent a car for several hours rather than to spend time searching and waiting for a taxi for each separate trip.

Car rental with a driver VS car rental without a driver
  1. The country has a difficult road situation. For example, left-side traffic which you will not get used to immediately, systemic violation of traffic rules in most Asian countries, mountain serpentines.
  2. A tourist does not meet the requirements of rental companies: under 21 years old, driving experience less than 2 years, no international driving license.

In Kiwitaxi, you can rent a car for at least three hours. The maximum period is not limited.

The travel agent is entitled to set any markup for the service. Thus, you can independently regulate your income. Note: the commission, in this case, is not provided.

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