Cheat sheet for travel agents:
selling transfers to families with children

So, you've established that your tourist is going on a trip with children. This is an unconditional reason to offer an individual transfer. Take advantage of our cheat sheet so you don't miss out on anything important when talking to customers.

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Cheat sheet for travel agents:
selling transfers to families with children
The tourist agrees to book an individual transfer
The client does not want to book a transfer
If you decide to work with Kiwitaxi, remember that we offer additional services:
  • A bottle of water in the car. After the flight, especially in hot countries, you want to drink, not to mention babies.
  • An extra hour of waiting. This is especially relevant at the airport. You will not worry about being late for the transfer while passing the border control upon arrival.
  • A stop on the way. If the journey is not long, you can make a stop to feed the child or let it warm up.

By the way, a travel agent registered with the Kiwitaxi affiliate program receives half of our income for each sold transfer. This is on average 6 euro per order.
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