Cheat sheet for travel agents:
selling transfers to families with children

According to our statistics, transfers to family trips are the most popular among tourists. Take advantage of our cheat sheet so you don't miss out on anything important when talking to customers.

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Cheat sheet for travel agents:
selling transfers to families with children
If the tourist agrees to book a transfer to a family trip, help them to choose a suitable vehicle class and a child seat. Remember that the child seat is obligatory. If a tourist travels with a child without ordering a child seat, the driver has the right to refuse in performing the order. Use the scheme below to book a transfer correctly:
If the tourist does not want to book a transfer, ask them how they plan to get from the airport and back. Try to explain to them the possible risks and inconveniences:
If you decide to work with Kiwitaxi, remember that we offer additional services:
  • a bottle of drinking water in the car;
  • an extra hour of waiting (so, the client gets 2 hours of waiting at the airport, without ordering this service they have 1 hour of free waiting);
  • a stop on the route;
  • an English-speaking driver;
  • SIM-card.

Every travel agent registered with the Kiwitaxi affiliate program receives half of our income for each sold transfer and additional services.
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