When selling an economy transfer is more profitable than a premium one?

An economy class transfer is sold most often. For example, more than 38% of all orders in Kiwitaxi fall on the vehicles of this group. It is understandable, clients agree easier on a less expensive and at the same time high-quality service.

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When selling an economy transfer is more profitable than a premium one?
The low cost of economy cars is made possible due to the minimum markup on partners' fleet services. Therefore, the profit from such orders will also be lower.
However, the economy class can give you an easy win if a tourist was not up to purchase an individual transfer at all. First of all, these tourists belong to the following categories:
  1. Package tour travelers. Because a ready-made tour includes a "free" transfer.
  2. Inexperienced tourists who have never used the transfer service and are afraid of the unknown.
  3. Travelers with the negative experience of using a transfer.

Economy class is a great chance to test the service. A tourist can learn from their own experience whether this service is worth using at all, and, at the same time, spend a minimum sum.

There are customers who are positive about the transfer service, but can afford only economy class transport:
  1. Family couples with small children, young and elderly people.
  2. Representatives of small companies who want to save on travel arrangements for ordinary employees.

If trying to draw their attention to a higher car class, you risk being left without a sale. If a person does not have enough money to buy a transfer, no argument will help.

Do not get carried away by selling economy class if you see that the tourist is positive towards the transfer:
  1. They have already traveled,
  2. They are interested in the service.
In this case, offer a comfort car.

When it makes sense, show your tourist prices for economy transfer compared to those of taxi and public transport. This will help you dispel the last doubts of a potential buyer. For example, from Lyon Airport to the city center:
  1. Taxi costs 55-60 euros.
  2. Kiwitaxi transfer - 68 euros.
  3. The tram - 15.90 euros. That means a group of 4 tourists will have to pay a total of 63.5 euros for tickets.
Despite the minimum profit, the sale of economy transfer is profitable, because:
  1. You'll get loyal customers. After all, you took into account their financial situation and at the same time solved the problem of transportation to the place in the most convenient way.
  2. You'll earn more due to high conversion.
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