Free cancellation
of a transfer at any time

In Kiwitaxi, you can cancel your booking at any time and receive the full cost of the transfer back.
According Kiwitaxi rules, you can cancel your booking in your personal account:
  • at least 16 hours before the trip for Micro, Economy, Comfort, Minivan 4pax, and Minibus 7pax classes.

  • at least 24 hours before the trip for Premium Minibus 6pax, Minibus 10pax, 13pax, 16pax, 19pax, Shuttle, Premium, and Business classes.

If you cancel the order within specified period, we will give you a full refund for a transfer.

If you cancel your booking later than the time specified, a transfer price will not be refunded.

To avoid a fine and to insure the tourist from losing money, choose the option of free cancellation.
How does it work?
You pay an extra sum in the amount of 3-4% of the transfer cost.
If something happens, you can cancel the transfer at any time
(the tourist was late, or refused from the trip, etc.).
We refund 100% of the transfer cost.
We keep only the insurance sum.
For example, you pay for an economy class transfer from Antalya airport to the city center 27 euros*. The insurance costs just 1 euro*. In total, you should pay 29 euros.
Prices are valid for 25.February, 2020
Without insurance (if you cancel
the order later than the allowed time):
With insurance:
you lose — 1 euro.
you get back — 27 euros.
you lose — 27 euros.
you get back — 0 euros.
Read more about changing and cancelling orders in this article.
Insure yourself and your tourists from losing money when you need to cancel the booking right before their trips. The extra sum you pay is insignificant, but you will always receive a full refund of your order cost.
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