How to sell transfers for individual tours?

The emergence of various online travel services and websites for booking accommodation, air tickets or excursions anywhere in the world made life easier for ordinary travelers. Now they can organize a standard tour abroad on their own. But many of them do not have the necessary skills or time to organize something more complex or exclusive.
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How to sell transfers for individual tours?
Among "difficult" individual tours can be:
  • Honeymoon
  • Off-site corporate event
  • Extreme tour
  • Unique route
In such cases, customers want to pay money and receive a completely "ready-made" journey in return. For this, you need to solve several problems and transportation is one of the key points.
A tailored tour, as a rule, is not a spontaneous decision and clients already know the advantages of an individual transport on such a trip. So, there is no need to tell them about it.

You need to explain why the transfer is better than its competitors - rented car and taxi.
Car rental attracts tourists with its freedom of movement. You can go anywhere whenever you want. But you should also keep in mind the following minuses:
  • Responsibility for the trip lies solely with the tourist. He/she should plan the route and concentrate on the road all the time instead of enjoying the beauties of the country. He/she will be responsible in case of an accident and will have to solve problems if the car breaks down. As a result, the trip may turn into hard work instead of a fascinating journey.
  • It is twice as hard for a driver to orient in an unfamiliar country if there is a difficult situation on the road (left-hand traffic, mountain serpentine, a specific driving style e.g. in Asia).

Taxi may help a tourist to eliminate the shortcomings of a rented car, but it also has its drawbacks, which the transfer doesn't have:

  • You have to take into account the features of booking a car in the country.
For example, in Hong Kong, taxis serve only a certain area in the city, and you can take a taxi at special parking lots, some of which may go only in a particular direction.

When booking a transfer, the tourists no longer need to think about transportation. The driver meets them upon arrival, walks to the car, and drives directly to the indicated address.

  • In the case of a taxi, it is not always possible to immediately find a suitable car.
For example, the tourist decided to visit the ski resorts in France and Switzerland. A trip from one country to another by public transport will be accompanied by numerous transport changes, and it will be very difficult to find a taxi with enough space for sports equipment.

We have just discussed the benefits of a transfer for an individual tour. And now we will tell why you need to choose Kiwitaxi for your client's trip:
  • 24/7 support service in English;
  • prices are on average 20% lower than those of competitors;
  • the cost is fixed after the booking and does not depend on the area within a city;
  • the booking can be made 16 hours before departure;
  • free cancellation 24 hours prior to travel.

When ordering a transfer, you can negotiate all the details: ask for a special mount for snowboard, order a minibus for a large company or two child seats if necessary.
By offering a Kiwitaxi transfer for an individual tour, you get a guarantee of high service for your client, as well as 50% commission for each order made. For that, become a member of our affiliate program.
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