Benefits of minibus transfers

There are three situations when you'd better offer an individual minibus transfer for your clients. Let's talk about them.
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Benefits of minibus transfers
1. A large company goes on a journey (several families or a group of friends):

  • A group trip rids tourists of all extra arrangements. Everyone will arrive at the destination at the same time.
  • If several families are traveling, all the children will be together entertaining each other on the way so adults will be able to relax.

2. Tourists go to a concert, festival, conference, business negotiations, and similar events or an off-site celebration (wedding, anniversary):

  • In this situation, a joint trip is especially good: on the way back, you can share your impressions with friends.
  • On business trips, you can hold briefings on the way.

3. Clients have oversized baggage (wheelchair, skis or any other sports equipment, bicycles etc.)
Note: do not order a minibus with an extra space for suitcases. If the bus is designed for 16 passengers, the luggage capacity of the transport will be equivalent. However, you should always ask tourists about the bulky things they are going to take with them.

A minibus transfer has the following advantages:
1. It is beneficial both for you and your client:

  • Tourists save because the total cost of the trip is divided among all the passengers.
For example, in France, the cost of a taxi from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris is 55 euro, and only three people are allowed to get into one car. On the contrary, a Kiwitaxi minibus for 7 passengers will cost 58 euros. It is not surprising that almost 40% of Kiwitaxi transfer orders to Charles de Gaulle Airport in our company account for minibuses.

  • You earn more from one sale due to the high price of minibuses.
32 euro is an average travel agent's commission for one booking at ski resorts, where minibuses are the most popular way of transportation.

2. With the help of a minibus transfer, you can help your tourists with non-standard luggage and at the same time increase your profit.

For example:

  • It is allowed for a family with two children to ride in a comfort class car or a minivan, but in practice, this is not always convenient. A baby pram and a bicycle will not fit in the car trunk. If tourists have several suitcases or ski equipment, even a minivan won't manage it. In this case, offer a minibus for 7 passengers.
  • Offer a premium minibus for off-site weddings: everything should be on par with the celebration. So you will not only give practical advice to the tourist, but also increase your income. For a company of, say, 10 people, a tourist could order one standard bus, but since premium minibuses are designed for 6 passengers, two vehicles will be needed.

Kiwitaxi provides a wide range of minibuses. We offer minibuses for 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19 passengers, as well as a premium minibus for 6 people. There is something for your tourist to choose from. In addition, you can earn commission for each booked transfer if you register in our affiliate program.
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