Cheat sheet for travel agents: selling the business transfer

The transfer is the best solution for a business trip. If you've already convinced your client of this, use this cheat sheet to quickly find the right transport.
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Cheat sheet for travel agents:
selling the business transfer
    If your client is ready to order a transfer for business trip:
        If the trip is organized for an ordinary employee and the client does not feel like ordering a transfer, use the following scheme:
            If the client organizes a business trip for top managers or receives a business delegation, this chart will help you.
                Tell that transfer booking at Kiwitaxi has additional benefits:
                1. Сlients receive a voucher in which they can find the details of the trip and payment, as well as information where to meet and how to contact the driver.
                2. If the business trip is delayed or you have to move it to another date, you can always cancel the order without losing money 24 hours before departure (for Premium class and minibuses) or even 5 hours before departure (for Economy class and minibus 7 pax).
                Order transfers at Kiwitaxi and get a commission - half of our income for each completed order. For you, we have prepared a user-friendly personal account, allocated a personal manager and regularly organize promotions and special offers.
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