Do sports people need a tourist transfer?

Today, some sports organizations don't get enough investments, so athletes have to pay for trips to various competitions in other cities themselves. Needless to say that sports clubs, especially in small towns, do not have their own transport, so ordering transfer, in this case, seems quite logical:
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Do sports people need a tourist transfer?
  1. Guaranteed place for equipment. You just need to leave a comment to the booking with the exact description of the equipment: what exactly and in what quantity tourists will carry with them.
  2. You can order transport for any convenient time so you will not be late for the competition. In addition, the driver plans the route before the trip: chooses the shortest and safest way, takes into account the traffic situation during the upcoming trip.
  3. No need to change on the way. The bus or train will take you only to the station, and then you will have to change to another transport. Very often sports venues are located in remote areas so you will need to change transport in the nearest city. In this case, you will have to unload/load a rather big luggage every time you get off/on the transport.
  4. Travel in comfortable conditions. It is very important for an athlete to come to the competitions in perfect shape: healthy, refreshed, calm. However, it will be difficult to do this on public transport because:

  • Firstly, it's not possible to regulate the temperature on the bus or train. As a result, a sports person can catch a cold before the sports event. On the contrary, the transfer driver must turn off the AC upon the first request of the client.
  • Secondly, a trip by public transport involves fellow travelers. Among them may be naughty children, annoying passengers, snoring neighbors, and so on. Add to this the need to make several transfers, and it will become clear that a relaxed trip should not be expected.
With all these advantages, an individual transfer may turn out to be cheaper than public transport in terms of price for one passenger. If you also consider carrier companies with their own fleet, keep in mind that they have significant drawbacks:
  • Hourly payment.
  • It is inconvenient to compare prices for different classes of transport types since the cost is calculated by the company's manager upon request.
The transfer cost, on the contrary, is known right away. The Kiwitaxi website displays a list of available transport classes and their prices for each route. When selecting additional services, the cost is recalculated automatically. So you can safely and without a haste choose a suitable and comfortable transport at a good price. In addition, the transfer cost is fixed. It is not affected by the number of passengers, the amount of baggage, the time of departure or traffic. In Kiwitaxi, the price can include toll roads and ferry costs if necessary.

When selling transfers to sports people, the most important thing is that the client comes to you with a clear demand. This means a guaranteed profit with a good commission because it is a group trip. In Kiwitaxi, for example, the agent earns 50% of our commission for each transfer sold. You only need to become a member of the affiliate program.
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