How a transfer driver differs from a taxi driver

When offering a client an individual transfer, you don't simply sell them some space in the car. A transfer driver is different from a taxi driver as they allow the client to feel like a guest during a trip. Use these differences as competitive advantages when selling the service.

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How a transfer driver differs from a taxi driver
Functions of the transfer driver
Whereas an ordinary taxi driver's main goal is to bring a client from point A to point B, the transfer driver has several other functions at the same time:
  • meeting the customer
  • help with luggage
  • choosing the shortest and safest route

In addition to these basic functions, there are additional benefits, for a fee. For example, Kiwitaxi offers:
  • Child seats
  • Boosters
  • Infant seats
  • Drinking water
  • Extra hour of waiting
  • Local SIM-cards
  • English speaking driver
  • Russian speaking driver
  • Extra waiting time
  • Extra stop
  • Free cancel
  • Box for ski equipment
  • Transportation of ski equipmen

While a taxi driver has only transportation functions, the transfer driver behaves as the receiving party, the host, who must take care of the guests.
Certification of transfer drivers
The problem of admitting drivers to transportation services has been acute for a long time. No one checks if illegal taxi drivers have a criminal record, drug addiction or psychological diseases. Almost any car owner can get access to the UBER system and start accepting orders.

The transfer drivers undergo a double certification system. Firstly, as employees of a particular car fleet, they become familiar with the qualification requirements, rights, duties, and responsibilities. They are checked according to standard medical protocols for people permitted to carry passengers. These requirements are especially strict abroad. Secondly, the driver is trained in the transfer company and learns its regulations.
The transfer driver most often drives tourists from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. After a long flight, travelers are exhausted and tense, especially if they have small children with them.

Each transfer driver should feel the client's mood and be able to relieve tension: help with luggage, follow a comfortable driving style (drive faster or slower), and sometimes just keep quiet if the passenger is not in a mood to communicate. If the client is inspired by the trip, the driver can gladly support the conversation, talk about the region or city, but will never be intrusive.

In Kiwitaxi, every part of a trip is regulated for the driver:
  • Meeting the client;
  • Communicating with the client on the way;
  • Communicating with the client on the phone/in the messenger/per mail;
  • Resolving outstanding situations (force majeure);
  • Technical features of the trip (keeping a comfortable speed of travel and planning the route).
Transfer rules have been developed on the basis of our 6-year transportation experience.

We are not trying to assure you that all Kiwitaxi drivers are naturally nice and kind people. Their behavior is largely dictated by the rating system of order distribution in our company.

Average taxi drivers are sure that, no matter how rudely they behave, they will always get an order anyway. In the transfer sphere, there is a tough competition. After all, this service is more expensive than a taxi. In order to receive orders, the Kiwitaxi driver must take care of their rating. Polite behavior, customer assistance, openness, pleasant manners, and impeccable driving style - all this can be a reason for good reviews from tourists. The reviews form the driver's rating in the Kiwitaxi system. If it is high, the driver gets a lot of orders. If the driver violates the rules of the company on the regular basis, he/she gets a lot of negative feedback and may be removed from the system.

Now you see that you can safely offer a trip with Kiwitaxi to your tourists. Remember that we give half of our income for each performed transfer to travel agents who join our partner program.
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