How to sell transfers to elderly tourists

A long trip, especially abroad, is always a nervous event. It brings worries both to the children sending elderly parents to a foreign country and the elderly tourists themselves who go abroad for the first time. Ordering a transfer helps to cope with these fears, because everything is arranged, and you know in advance when, where, and how the senior person will travel.

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How to sell transfers to elderly tourists
The main advantages of the transfer for older tourists are:

  1. Safety. The transfer provides the tourist with a full support from the moment of leaving the airport to the hotel door. An elderly person is met with a name sign, and walked to the car - it is impossible to get lost.
  2. Comfort.
  • You can add a walker or a wheelchair to your transfer booking.
  • Guaranteed air conditioning.
  • Assistance the luggage.
  • Their own company. After an exhausting trip, getting on the same bus with active children or other tourists is undesirable for an elderly person. It can be tiring or even harmful for seniors' health.
  • If the tourist feels sick on the way or urgently needs the toilet, the driver will make a stop.
3. Speed. The car will be waiting at the specified time and will set off to the address as soon as the passenger is ready to go. The transfer goes 1,5-2 times faster than the bus, so the older tourist will not get tired of a long journey.
    Nuances of selling transfers to older people
    Usually, it is difficult to sell a transfer to the elderly, for they are afraid of unfamiliar services. You need to reassure the client that:
    1. Knowledge of English is not necessary. The driver knows all the trip details in advance, so there is no need for additional communication with the passenger.
    2. The transfer service is more expensive, but traveling to the hotel by a group shuttle may take twice as much time which could be spent on resting in a hotel. To order a taxi, you will definitely need the language knowledge.

    In late adulthood, analyzing new information is more difficult. Do not rush older people to make a decision or load with a large amount of information about the service. You can understand that a person is ready to buy by certain verbal and non-verbal signals.

    For older tourists, we have other advantages:
    1. Any problem on the road will be solved by a round-the-clock English-speaking support service.
    2. If the flight is delayed, you just need to inform Kiwitaxi support service, and we will pass the information on to the driver.
    3. At the airport, the driver waits for the clients for 1,5 hours.
    4. You can order additional services: a stop on the way, an extra hour of waiting, and an English-speaking driver.
    All these advantages will help you sell more transfers and therefore earn more commission.
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