How to sell a transfer for a package tour?

The standard package tour always includes not only flights and a hotel, but also a group transfer from a tour operator. It may seem that the transport problem is solved and it is impossible to convince the client to buy a transfer.

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How to change or cancel a transfer booking
But, as practice shows, the majority of your customers will be happy to book an individual transfer if they learn how a group one looks like and what features each one of these types of transportation has.
Group transfer provided by a tour operator
  1. Depending on the region and the size of the group, either a large air-conditioned bus or a small stuffy minibus can arrive at the airport to pick up the tourists.
  2. Group transfer will not depart from the airport until all of the tourists take their seats. This means that the departure of your tourists will depend on their neighbors. Someone will definitely stop by at a souvenir shop, another will be held longer at the passport control, older tourists and young children may linger in the restrooms.
  3. A group transfer takes tourists to hotels one by one. Those tourists whose hotel is close to the airport will be first to arrive, others will be less lucky. Take time with your tourist to check the online map and see how far from the airport their hotel is and what other popular hotels are on the way. Try to estimate how long the tourist will be getting to the destination.
  4. Not all group transfers are provided with toilets, usually no stops are made along the way. Not to mention the hygiene of the existing toilets and how convenient they are to use on a moving bus.
Who is not recommended to travel by a group transfer?
Families with litlle children
For a baby, traveling without an infant seat can be traumatic, and besides, your tourists will disturb the sleep and nutrition of the child on such a trip. For older children, the long journey will be very boring. They are already exhausted by the flight and, most likely, will begin to act up on the road, harassing their parents and those around them.

Old people
Even the best buses used for group transfer are not comfortable enough to transport seniors. No one will help them with the luggage and if the air conditioner does not work on the bus, a long trip in the stuffiness can lead to the direst health consequences.

People suffering from motion sickness
The driver of the group transfer is not very concerned about the health conditions of every single passenger, therefore they may speed up or slow down abruptly. If your customers do not feel well after flights and get sick easily, it's not recommened for them to travel with the group transfer.
Advantages of an individual transfer:
  • it leaves the airport as soon as the client is ready to go, without waiting for anyone else;
  • the driver will help to load and unload the belongings into the vehicle;
  • guaranteed AC/heater in the car;
  • it goes 1.5-2 times faster than group transfer;
  • the driver creates a desirable atmosphere: silence, light music, conversations;
  • stable driving style without sudden pull ups or recklessness;
  • comfortable car — you can peacefully sleep inside;
  • nice communication with the driver, a mini-tour is possible during the trip.
Disadvantages of individual transfers compared to the group one
The only downside is the extra charge. However, it is of a small amount on popular tourist routes.

With Kiwitaxi, you can make the client's trip as comfortable as possible. We offer tourists some useful additional services:

  • the driver can stop by at a cafe, toilet, or any interesting place for which you won't have the time later (for example, there is a picturesque observation deck on the way, but you're going to a next city),
  • for children, you can order car seats/infant seats/boosters — a holding device for any age,
  • drinking water — the body is dehydrated during the flight.
In addition, it is profitable to collaborate with us. Become a Kiwitaxi partner and get additional income (10-15%) from each booking.
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