3 reasons to sell
a roundtrip transfer

Most tourists book transfers only in one direction. They think it's more convenient and safe. Read the article and find out how to reassure your tourists to book roundtrip transfer.
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3 reasons to sell a roundtrip transfer
There are 3 the most common reasons why your clients have doubts about ordering a roundtrip transfer:

  • lack of trust in online services;
  • fear of getting a bad service;
  • a desire to "save" money;
  • a habit of doing one thing at a time.

If you let the situation run its course, you risk losing the client. On the way back, the tourist can use the service of competitors or find a cheaper alternative to the transfer.

Therefore, make sure to tell the tourist why it is advantageous to book a roundtrip transfer right away:
1. No need to order a transfer abroad. Otherwise, you'll have to look for a Wifi hotspot upon arrival and, while in roaming, confirm the order (in case of an urgent booking) or clarify questions with the support. Emphasize that making a booking via mobile devices, phones, and tablets is more difficult than on a computer.
When ordering a round-trip transfer, you no longer have to solve problems with the Internet. If any extra information is needed, the driver will contact the client himself/herself.

2. Guaranteed transport. During the high season, the number of transfers is limited. On the way back, there can be no free cars. This is especially relevant for large groups of travelers and families with children. Minibuses and cars with boosters and child seats are harder to find than just a taxi to the airport.
With a round-trip transfer booked, the client can be sure that a car of a required capacity will arrive on time and will be equipped with child seats if necessary.

3. Travel without a hitch. Searching for the Internet and selecting a car are unnecessary concerns that can be avoided during the vacation.
Having ordered a round-trip transfer, the client doesn't have to think how to get back home. At the specified time, the driver will pick him/her up from the hotel and bring them to the airport.

If you choose Kiwitaxi, there will be two more reasons to recommend a roundtrip to your customers:
  1. Our price is fixed. After payment, nothing can affect the cost, even the exchange rate. If during your client's vacation euro/dollar exchange rate worsens, your tourists will travel at the original price.
  2. You can choose a driver. If your customers like the transfer driver during the first trip (helpfulness, good driving style, mini-excursion), you can leave a comment on the website with a request to appoint him/her for the return trip. Conversely, the tourist may ask for a replacement if they did not like the driver.
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