4 reasons to sell a transfer for a ski tour

Ski tours offer great opportunities for selling individual transfers. Read the article and find out the main benefits of offering transfers to your clients.
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4 reasons to sell a transfer for a ski tour
1. A ski tour is mostly a costly affair, so mainly wealthy people go to ski resorts. They easily agree to premium transportation, as they are used to the best service.

2. On the other hand, due to the high price of a ski tour, travelers try to save on everything else, and, above all, on transfers. This applies to young people who have just started working or students. For them, minibuses are the most suitable. The transfer price is always indicated not for the seat, but for the whole car. Therefore, the more people going, the more profitable the trip.

In Kiwitaxi, for example, a minibus from Geneva Airport to Chamonix for 7 people costs 247 euros, that is, 36 euro for each person. A ticket for the regular Altibus shuttle on the same route costs 30 euros. The difference in money is insignificant, and in comfort is huge. We will discuss this below.

3. Transportation connection with ski resorts is not very developed. There are mainly airport shuttles, but they have serious drawbacks:
  • Group transfers are less fast and comfortable an the individual one, especially if some tourists need to get to the hotel, which is located away from the main route. To get to the final destination, they have to change transport at a certain point, which can be less spacious.
  • Special ski buses are usually available only during the season and only on weekends.

Taxi also can't meet all the needs of skiers:

  • You will have to look for a car into which the ski equipment will fit, and if you have children with you, you will need a child seat – it is very difficult to find a vehicle with such parameters on the spot.
  • If the mountain roads are covered with snow, you should not only fit winter tires on the wheels but also a chain. In European countries with a mild climate, drivers use summer tires all year round. Taxi drivers will not use winter ones for the sake of one trip. Many of them simply do not agree to go to snowy areas, which is a good scenario. It can be much worse if the driver picks a tourist up without warning about the risks for life.
4. Most importantly, the high demand for minibuses and premium class vehicles allows travel agents to earn more from one order in our affiliate program. For example, in Kiwitaxi, the average commission for one transfer in the winter period is 6 euro, and, in the Alpine resorts, it reaches 33 euro.
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