How to understand that a tourist is ready to book a transfer?

Individual transfer is a great alternative to group shuttles and taxis as it has undeniable advantages. Let's study them:
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How to understand that a tourist is ready
to book a transfer?
  • the tourist goes to the hotel immediately upon arrival, without any transport changes,
  • the driver plans a route in advance so you won't have to go circles,
  • the cost of the trip is fixed and will not change at the end of the journey.
Besides, you can earn good money by selling transfers. To do this, select one of the affiliate programs, then tell your customers about the service, book cars, and get a commission from each completed order.

Here, we are coming to the main point. In order to sell a transfer, it is not enough to present the service properly; it is equally important to timely stop presenting. By giving out information in large volumes, you risk missing a moment when the client was ready to close the deal. If in such a situation you continue bombarding him/her with new details, he/she may come up with unwanted questions and have reasons for doubt.

How to understand that the customer is ready to buy? Monitor the changes in his/her behavior.
  • The client asks clarifying questions ("Is the price indicated per person or per car?")
  • The client makes specific requests ("We need a car in which two child seats fit freely")
  • The client consults with the companions.
  • The customer starts asking for a discount
  • The client switches to a friendly tone
  • The client summarizes your conversation and asks to confirm all of the above ("We will be met in the arrival area, right?")
  • The client himself/herself offers arguments for the transfer order ("With the old grandmother, it would be a great option")
  • The client talks about what will happen after the purchase ("We will get to the sea faster than those who go on the shuttle")
  • The client shares with you the problems he/she faced with other carriers.
    It sometimes happens that the lively mood of the client is replaced by silence. Most likely, he/she is considering an offer to make a final decision. At this point, it is important not to ask him/her too many questions or throw in new information. Do not interfere when the client analyzes all the details, otherwise, you risk confusing him/her and remain without a sale.

    If you have finished your presentation, but you are still not sure if the customer is ready to purchase, ask him/her these two questions:

    • Is everything clear about the transfer service?
    • Are you ready to book now?

    If the client agrees to buy a transfer, support this decision. Once again, emphasize that the tourist has chosen a great way to get to the place. Tell that big transfer companies have their own support service that can solve any problems along the way. In Kiwitaxi, for example, it works around the clock, and all the specialists speak English.

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