Travel agent's checklist: making an order

Clear step-by-step instructions for placing an order. Download and use it at work.
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Let's learn how to fill in the fields when booking a transfer.
We will tell about each stage by the example of a transfer for a family with a child on the route Fiumicino Airport → Rome. Prices in the example are relevant as of October, 2022.
Searching for a transfer
1. Fill in the route points and indicate the number of passengers. If the tourist is traveling with an infant or a child, be sure to indicate them too.

2. If the tourist is going to a hotel, indicate the destination city in the field. Sometimes a hotel can be located in the suburbs, so it is important to check the exact address of the hotel so that the tourists do not have to pay extra for the incorrect order. The hotel does not appear in the drop-down list, it's okay. Go to the next step.
3. After clicking the 'Search' button, you will see a selection of available transfers.
In our example, we will choose a comfort class transfer.

4. Pay attention to the additional information indicated on the card of each class — the number of passengers and the baggage.
Always check with tourists the amount and size of baggage. Call support and tell them in advance if customers are traveling with large or non-standard luggage. The car class depends on these details.
Often, tourists carry more baggage on their way back. Keep this in mind. Perhaps it makes sense to order a more spacious car for the return transfer.

Fill in the form
1. The first thing you need to fill in is the flight information: its number, date and time of arrival. The data must coincide with those indicated on the tourists ticket.
If you place an order with a return transfer, indicate the time when tourists need to leave the hotel, and not the time of departure of the flight. Travel time is displayed on the booking page.
2. Enter the exact name and address of the hotel where tourists need to go. We recommend that you enter the address in order to avoid confusion between hotels with similar names.
3. The name of your tourist. If the group is traveling, enter the name of one of the tourists. This name will be written on the driver's nameplate.
4. Agent's email. This field is filled in automatically. Your email from your personal account is entered into it.

5. Your client's phone number. We ask it only for emergency calls. Do not be afraid that we will disturb the tourists. The first one is required, but specifying a second one is optional.
6. Select additional services. On the route in our example, there're these services available. The list of services varies by region and destination. We wrote more about them here.

When traveling with a child, be sure to indicate the child seat.
When choosing services, your commission will increase in the order card, since you also get 50% of our profit from the sale of additional services.

7. If you have a promotional code, enter it in the field below. The discount will be applied automatically.
8. When all the fields are completed, let's proceed to payment.
Payment of the order
1. Select one of the available payment options on the payment page.
Pay attention to the first point — full payment + free cancellation of the transfer. We recommend choosing this option. You pay an extra insurance in the amount of 3-4% of the order cost and can cancel the transfer at any time without penalty.

Usually, for cancellation of the order later than 5-24 hours before the trip, we do not compemsate the money for a transfer.

With the insurance, you will be refunded with 100% of the order's price, even if you cancel the transfer an hour before the trip. We'll only hold the insurance amount.

You can cancel the transfer without insurance and get a full refund one day before the trip.

2. Choose a payment method — by card or bank account. The order must be paid no later than 2 business days before the trip.

3. If you choose partial payment on the site, then in the order card we will indicate how much you need to pay now and how much to the driver upon arrival. Please note that tourists must prepare that currency that is indicated here and in the voucher.
Payment in another currency can be agreed on the spot, but only at the discretion of the driver. We are only responsible for the amount in the currency indicated by us and guarantee that the driver will accept it.
Checking an order
1. All orders and their current status are displayed in the 'All order' tab in the travel agent's account.

2. After confirming your booking, download the voucher and give it to the tourists. Tell them about the meeting point with the driver. Please ask the tourists to keep their phone with connection or Wi-Fi after arriving to the airport. So we can urgently contact tourists, if it's necessary.
Download and save a short checklist to help you make an order.
If it's more convenient for you to study the instruction in a video format, have a look at this article.
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