Selling transfers without pressing

Reputation is the most important thing in the travel industry. Therefore, it is important to sell, not to impose a transfer. To reach your goals, follow these principles.

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Selling transfers without pressing
Tell clients why transfer is suitable for them
Do not give a long presentation of the service, praising its benefits. The customer is not interested. For them, it is important why the transfer is good specifically for their situation. It is also important to behave wisely.

For example,
do not tell the tourist that the carrier cares about the safety of their child. It's enough to say that they can order a child seat together with the transfer.

Let the client independently make conclusions about the benefits of the service.
Do not fool the client
Deception will be finally revealed, and your confidence will be undermined or even irrevocably lost.

For example,
do not offer a service to a solo tourist or a couple of young people who travel light. In developed countries, they can travel by public transport as fast as by transfer, but for much less money. Besides, transport changes for young people without luggage usually do not bring much inconvenience.

False information will allow you to get one order right now but lose all the others in the future.
Talk about drawbacks too
Do not be afraid to talk about the shortcomings. Agree that the transfer is an expensive service, but explain why the customer has to overpay.

For example,
tell them that, if they order a transfer, they won't have to run after children around the terminal after the exhausting flight while waiting for the car and then look for a car at the airport parking lot carrying heavy suitcases. On the contrary, the driver will meet the tourists, help them with luggage, and quickly and comfortably take them to the hotel.

Do not idealize the product as well, otherwise, the client will start looking for a catch.
Don't intimidate the client
Do not expect that fear will make them buy a transfer.

For example,
do not say that taxi drivers will increase the price several times as this is a common practice all over the world. Focus on the fact that the price of the transfer is known right away and does not change after booking. If you make the payment online, you do not have to worry about settlements with the driver.

Create a sense of peace and security for the client instead of fuelling their fears. Otherwise, you can dissuade them from traveling at all.
Do not count the client's money
Do not decide for the tourist, if they can afford a transfer or not. If the client says they have no money for this service, stop persuading them. Perhaps they really have no funds for the trip. In this case, no arguments will not help and you will just make the tourist feel uneasy.

In any situations, try to understand client's feelings and emotions. You'll see there will be much more orders. This means that you will earn more with the Kiwitaxi affiliate program. We have created favorable conditions for our travel agent partners: a convenient personal account, where you can see the number of completed orders and income from them, payouts once a month, and a personal manager to help. In addition, we fully take control of the transfer. You only need to tell your clients about the service and make a booking in your account.
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