Tips for selling transfers
in summer

People go on holiday throughout the year. However, summer remains the most popular time for traveling. For travel agents, it's the time when they work the hardest and make the highest sales. We've put together some tips to help you sell transfers during the summer season.
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Selling transfers in summer vs. selling transfers in other seasons
    More orders with child seats. A high percentage of family vacations are taken in summer. Be attentive when selling a transfer to a family with a child — don't forget about a child seat. In one of our previous blog posts, we wrote about the requirements for tourists traveling with children in different countries and about the consequences that a trip without child seats may result in.

    More transfers for package tours. Summer is the time of travel packages. Tourists look for the travel solution where each step is already organized and everything is arranged. The problem is that clients don't see the need to replace a group transfer from a package tour by an individual one. Earlier, in one of our blog posts, we told about why our transfers are more comfortable and beneficial than those included in packages. In addition, we provided a detailed instruction on how to encourage your clients to make a booking in this case. Read it here.

    More clients who are booking transfers for the first time. To help you work with such clients, we prepared an article about managing tourists' fears and gave recommendations on how to sell transfers without pressing. The most important thing you should do is tell your clients about the benefits of transfers compared to other forms of transportation. Give them arguments which will conquer their fears and satisfy their needs.

    Lots of team retreats and mass events: festivals, concerts, conferences, and sports competitions. The best option for such events is group transfers: minivans and minibuses. Tips for selling transfers for different events can also be found on our blog.

    According to the Kiwitaxi sales report, the top 10 summer travel destinations include Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Montenegro, Cyprus, and Croatia. Study the latest reviews about airports, taxis, and public transport at top resorts of these countries. Besides, it makes sense to focus on selling transfers to top destinations in order to earn a larger commission.
      How to convince your tourists to book a transfer
        When presenting a service to your clients, use the following arguments:

        • High demand for taxis during the peak season. Taking a taxi at popular resorts is difficult. Especially when tourists need a child seat or other additional services. With a transfer, your clients don't need to worry about how much time they will spend to find a taxi and whether they will find it in a foreign country at all.

        • High demand for taxis results in the growth of taxi prices. As for transfer prices, they are fixed and without any surcharges and don't depend on the time of day and traffic jams on the way. As a result, the price for a transfer may be lower than that for a taxi.

        • Even more travelers willing to use buses and other forms of public transport. This results in hot and overcrowded bus cabins. Transfers are air-conditioned. Also, at an extra cost, tourists can book a bottle of water and an additional stop on the route for rest and a meal.

        • Untidy cabin. Due to a heavy workload during the day, taxi and public transport drivers don't have time to clean their vehicle. That's why they are often dirty and have unpleasant smells. Your clients will avoid these problems if they choose a transfer.

        • Longer travel time. A shuttle provided by a tour operator makes more stops near hotels, that's why the total travel time increases. A transfer travels 1.5−2 times faster. A transfer driver gets a voucher with all the details before the journey and plans it in advance.

        • Dangerous roads at sea and mountain resorts. This may be serpentine roads, the poor quality of road surfaces, chaotic traffic, or reckless and careless driving of taxi drivers. Using Kiwitaxi transfers, tourists are guaranteed a safe trip and careful driving. It's all because we work with reliable carriers whose vehicles are regularly inspected and drivers have driver's licenses and medical certificates.

        Read and follow the Kiwitaxi recommendations. Provide your tourists with high-quality service and earn more money from summer tours!
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